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Music Connection Progfest Review 
Notice the Gibson ES335 12-string guitar?


Pre-Citadel in West Jefferson

Before starting Citadel, Whitman sang for this band whose lineup included Mark David (shown), Greg Davis (bass) and Jeff Wears (drums) - If you know the name of this band, email us here and receive a free "Progfest Bumper Sticker" shown below..

Citadel CD Lineup

The Whitmans are joined in this photo by Matt Sachs (keys) & Ian Michaels (drums) from "The Citadel & Cynosure & Other Tales" CD release.

Greenlawn VVTV Video Frame Grab

Fletch (co-founder of  Citadel) and the Whitmans, jam in the Greenlawn Basement for VVTV, the band's self produced cable show.  

Greenlawn VVTV Video Frame Grab

John Ettore on Drums here and the Whitmans, jam at the Greenlawn Estate for VVTV, the band's self produced cable show.  

Larry Buck's Original Progfest Logo

Larry Buck & Whitman started Rearview Designs - a font library of characters that could be seen frontwards & backwards.  They brainstormed that Progheads would love this cool idea!  Unfortunately, the vendor for the event stiffed us and didn't show up with the shirts, and never returned Larry's original art .  Shame on you TRIPLE X, we warn every one we can to stay away from you!!!  Larry also created the Side Two artwork in the lyric Novelette - THANKS LARRY!

Citadel with Wears (not in photo) at Mr. Brown's

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